How It Works

So what is the process for working with Creative Soul Legacy?

It's very simple. We will meet with you in person, by online chat, or on the phone and discuss the following:

Your Creative Life

What is the creative thing you have been doing your whole life? That thing that is in your very soul and always has been? What is the creative legacy you want to leave behind?

We want to hear about your creative works, hear or see them, and understand exactly your desires, motives, and your heart in order to help you the best we can.

Our Creative History & Process

We'll talk about the way we got started as a creator, then as a facilitator for creatives, our companies, and our processes for creating.

Assessing Your Creative Work

Then we get into listening, or seeing your artistic works and determining how we can help take them to another level to share them with the world, and leave a creative legacy for your family, friends, and the world.

Getting to Work!

Then we give you a step by step action plan for how we can help you get your art out into the world via the internet, stores, and more.

We Know What You Feel

"As a lifelong creative looking at the second part of my life, I feel a tremendous urgency to finish the creative works in side of me. I want to make sure every song, every collection, every story...I want it all to be left behind for my family, fans, and even strangers to find and be blessed by." - Eric Copeland

We aren't just service providers, we are creatives just like you that feel a passion and even a responsibility to use the gifts God has given us. This includes getting the end result of those gifts ( music, albums, stories, books, collections) out to the world.

Contact us now and let's begin building your creative legacy today!

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