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Eric Copeland, President

Eric is the president of Cre8iv Entertainment, which includes many different creative companies including Creative Soul Legacy, Masterscore Music, Creative Soul Records, Creative Soul Jazz, Positive Spin Songs, and more.

Primarily a composer, arranger, and producer, Eric has become known throughout his career as someone who cares about the Creative Soul, as is evidenced by his long-running blog For the Creative Soul. He has helped hundreds if not thousands of artists hone their creative skills, build an artistic brand, and get their art to the world.

Eric also works on his own continuing creative legacy, from his personal piano brand Quiet Soul Piano, to his jazz groups Player A & 88 Upright, or his own classical works.

You can find our more about all of Eric's composition works as well as works he has written for other artists at EricCopelandMusic.com

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